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Can mobile phone protection cover to prevent radiation?

Apr 20, 2017

In today's advanced mobile Equipment era, radiation is facing our most headache problem, especially mobile phone! For those weak resistance, pregnant women and children are not recommended for long-term contact with mobile phone! But at some special time we can't leave the phone! How to deal with mobile phone radiation? At present, there are many special materials made of mobile phone protection kits for shielding radiation!

According to the operating principle of radiation protection sleeve, the material can completely shield the signal. In this (receipt/signal), the mobile phone to the human body radiation is completely shielded from the positive, if the mobile phone protection sleeve single-sided with the use of radiation-proof material custom, so close to the side of the radiation, it is possible to substantially reflect and reduce the radiation intensity without disturbing the signal. At present, the market has begun to have such mature products.

Mobile phone communication in the process of two kinds of electromagnetic waves, one is the base station and the phone between the transmission of the signal, this electromagnetic waves are all over the sky, and can not prevent, and because of the intensity of the relationship, as long as the use of mobile phones, this electromagnetic waves of human harm is negligible.

The other is as electronic products, mobile phones to support the operation of various components produced by the electromagnetic waves, like refrigerators such as electrical appliances, even if it does not communicate will produce electromagnetic waves, and the distance between the electromagnetic waves and the human body is the nearest, need to pay attention to guard against.

The emergence of smartphones has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and the corresponding mobile phone protection is also designed to make better use of our mobile phones. Mobile phones make a lot of impossible and things become reality, but the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones will virtually do some harm to our body, this is inevitable, the production of the electromagnetic radiation protection against mobile phone sets, can reduce the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones to the human body damage, this will undoubtedly become a mobile phone protection package design trend.