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How to distinguish silica gel products?

Apr 20, 2017

How to identify silicone products? The market has a variety of silicone products, countless manufacturers. How to identify products in many products, the selection to the formal manufacturer of the conformity of the safety of the eligible products?

A. Look at the registered trademark
Registered trademarks of silicone products can be assured to choose. A registered trademark is a trademark approved by the relevant government departments, protected by the law, trademark registrant enjoys exclusive rights to trademarks. A registered trademark is a sign that identifies a commodity, service, or a specific person or enterprise associated with it. No registered trademark of the product is not necessarily a reassuring formal enterprise production of food safety products. Avoid purchasing this kind of guaranteed product during the purchase process.

Two. Watch food inspection and certification mark
Silicone products According to the requirements of commodities, must undergo food inspection certification party can be sold. Domestic brands have QS,3C certification and so on. Foreign brands have IFS,LFGB (Europe), JAS (Japan), FDA (United States), HACCP (United States, Britain, Australia, Canada), BRC (UK) and so on. Import Brands if no international food quality certification is fake imports, not safe at ease; domestic brands if there are international food quality certification can also be exported to the world, quality more guaranteed.

Three. Look at the texture smell
From the aspect of the characteristics of the feel, high-quality silicone products toughness, elasticity is very good, not easy due to external forces and permanent deformation, and feel more smooth, and inferior products easily deformed, feel also relatively rough, inferior product surface without a layer of grease-like substances.

From the smell, high-quality silicone products are non-toxic and tasteless colorless products, good texture, no harm to the human body, and poor quality products that achieve these results, are generally toxic with pungent odor, and also relatively rough!

Four. See the combustion effect
The flame combustion method is used to distinguish. Inferior silica gel products because of impurities, in the combustion of black smoke, the residual is black powder, high-quality silicone products, regardless of the color of the burning white smoke, burning residue is white powdery.

Eyes, learn to distinguish the pros and cons, can choose to health and safety products assured.