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The exquisite soft glue gift in life!

Apr 20, 2017

Soft Glue/Silicone series can always make a variety of products, soft glue material made out of the small gifts the biggest feature is exquisite, can design a variety of patterns and colors, in the aesthetic design there is no hindrance, unlike other hardware gifts, wooden and other material gifts, in the appearance of the design is difficult to make more their own requirements to do their favorite products.

PVC Soft Glue Keychain
PVC Soft Plastic key buckle but our soft glue industry is one of the most products, Baidu search PVC key button on the related Web page has tens of millions of pages, the competition is big, but also the PVC soft plastic key buckle in the small gift industry is very popular! It's worth choosing.

PVC Soft Adhesive Refrigerator Sticker
PVC Soft Plastic refrigerator sticker on the market is not much, this product is often more practical abroad, so in the public is not easy to see, but in foreign and very popular, such a PVC soft plastic fridge affixed it to their home on the refrigerator, can play a beautiful role, but also can play up in the refrigerator food is outdated and other refrigerators inside the data function, the product generally behind a soft magnetic, used to post in the refrigerator, so also called magnetic refrigerator stickers.

PVC Soft Glue Chapter
We are not uncommon for this series of products. See we usually have serious attention, in the clothes and bags of many will have PVC soft glue chapter, the most used is that we usually know the zipper head is PVC soft glue to do, product compact, price generally a few cents a very affordable.

PVC Soft Adhesive Luggage Tag
In the domestic, PVC soft plastic baggage tag is not much, in Japan, the meeting is very much, is used to record luggage information, as well as luggage owner information, to prevent the loss of luggage, not only with practical value, PVC soft plastic material made out of luggage licensing gifts more decorative significance.