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What is silica gel?

Apr 20, 2017

What glue is silicone? Plastic? Because silicone Chinese name inside has a glue word, appearance is very similar to plastic, rubber, latex, so, many people do not know what glue is the silicone. And more people mistakenly believe that silicone is a plastic! and silicone gloves are mistaken for milk rubber gloves!

Silicone is not plastic, nor milk rubber, it is not glue at all. Plastics are petroleum products, extracted from petroleum. Milk rubber is divided into natural, synthetic and man-made three species, so it may be natural extracts, may also be chemical compounds.

So what is silica gel? Silica gel originates from natural substances, major components of silica (SiO2), a natural ingredient in crystals, Shi Yingshi, and sand. And ceramics, Glass has a deep blood relationship, is soft ceramics, is soft glass! Chemical performance is stable, not with strong alkali, strong acid outside of any material reaction. Properties soft, insulated, insulation, temperature-40 degrees to 230 degrees, good maintenance, protection performance is good. The plasticity is strong, has the very broad creation space. The recycling of waste products is high, abandoned in the natural environment also does not release toxic substances, do not cause harm to the environment.