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Composition Parameters Of Silica Gel Products

Apr 20, 2017

Three reasons influencing the unqualified hygienic safety inspection of the exported silica gel products

The export of silicone products hygiene safety is a high priority of the European and American countries, this year has repeatedly found that the export of silicone products pre inspection and sampling unqualified. The export of silica gel products health indicators are not eligible for the following three reasons and improve

First, the quality of raw materials is not strict control. Some factories for kitchen utensils of raw materials, but not to the importance of raw materials testing the use of low quality grade silicone raw materials for food products, or in the production process using unqualified color glue and additives for coloring, resulting in product hygiene unqualified.

Second, the production process is not standardized. Because of the particularity of the safety requirements of silica gel tableware, the food silica gel products are very strict to the production process, and the product takes enough time to remove the volatile matter. Some factories have not reached enough processing time for efficiency.

Third, the enterprise to use the product conditions do not pass. Countries such as the European Union require product testing to be carried out in accordance with the strictest use of its foreseeable way. Most factories are only manufactured according to customer samples, the use and conditions of the product are not understood, in response to third-party detection is also more blind, even with the product foreseeable conditions of use obviously inconsistent.

Silicone products two vulcanization to check whether the product is qualified

Two times vulcanization is called after curing. Two times curing effect: Silicone rubber using peroxide vulcanization, peroxide decomposition triggered polymer reactions, the formation of low molecular compounds (such as benzene and benzoic acid) in the presence of rubber will affect mechanical properties. Moreover, after the first phase of silicone rubber heating molding, its crosslinking density is insufficient, to make it further vulcanization reaction to increase the density of silicone rubber. Tensile strength, resilience, hardness, swelling degree, density, thermal stability is more than a cure for a greater improvement. If not two times vulcanization, perhaps the production of silica gel performance has been affected by a certain, not better performance products.

The parameters of one vulcanization with two times may differ, which is related to the actual operation! Silicone vulcanization has a variety of high temperature and room temperature. According to the high temperature silicone for example, not curing before we usually say the raw rubber, mixing glue is a lot of additives such as vulcanizing agent, demoulding agent and rubber refining together. You can see from the look of it. Break with your hand, without elasticity. If at a certain temperature, mixing good glue at a certain temperature can be cured by curing molding products, as we usually see silicone mobile phone sets, as long as the poison is not poisonous manufacturers can provide food certification, generally are non-toxic.