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Silicone Life Supplies Lead The Trend Of Life!

Apr 20, 2017

Silicone Life supplies lead the trend of life! What is the most common sense of health that the hardworking housewives often overlook in their homes? The most easy to ignore health common sense is material health! Because the material is healthy hidden deep. Housewives care for the elderly children's diet health, nutritional balance, home hygiene, but it is easy to ignore the health hazards of material.

such as bamboo, the natural health of the material, housewives can hardly think that in the process of production, may be in these natural health materials to add unhealthy ingredients, such as the addition of preservatives, such as brush paint, these processes are prone to residual harmful substances to the human body. and bamboo products in the use of the process easy to absorb moisture, breeding bacteria; in moist environment prone to mildew, producing aflatoxin, such as can seriously damage the health of toxins.

such as porcelain, the material itself is also very healthy, but the colored glaze craft prone to lead to excessive. Some unscrupulous entrepreneurs, reducing the process to save costs, using glaze color is the main cause of excessive lead.

such as PVC film preservation, quality Inspection Department sampling show, North Canton Market Common 16 brands of PVC Preservation film, 15 of all contain the national banned Plasticizer DEHA. This kind of plasticizing agent can penetrate into the high-fat content of the packaging from the fresh-keeping film at ambient temperature, causing great harm to the human endocrine system. In addition, plastic products and fatty food contact, easy to dissolve plastic in the plasticizing agent into the food. Penetration is more susceptible to high temperatures.

Is there a reassuring health material?

These material safety problems, endangering people's health, is also called Housewives to guard against. Is there a safe use of life materials?

Silicone Life Supplies, the use of health and safety of food-grade silicone production, products through the ROHS/FDA/LFGB/UL certification, is a housewife assured optional material. Silicone life supplies, improve the quality of life, to ensure health. It is the environmental protection pioneer in the material. Use silicone life supplies, refuse to white pollution, defend the environment, from me!