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Silicone Mat Oil

Apr 20, 2017

This is a face-looking age! The color of household items determines the success or failure of the whole home decoration. And the table, the weights in the home is still quite tall. In addition to the family daily meals will be seen outside, or the most experienced from relatives and friends eye detection of a landscape. Some people say that it is not easy, when the home decoration with a and the overall style of harmonious dining table is not OK?

Sure, yes! But, again beautiful dining table, maintenance is not good, not long will become good dirt, let alone yan value!

After the family dining, the table is always a wolf: here a water stain, there is a little oily, scattered fragmentary food everywhere is! The key is no matter what material of the desktop, and food, water, oil a dip, it is particularly difficult to clean. Washing the dirt on the table in winter is a catastrophe! Even hard-working housewives wiped and wiped, cleaned up again and again, not long, table or oil, that is, the impact of beauty, touch and stick to lap. Glass, marble is still good, if it is a bamboo desktop, these oils will also occur infiltration, to clean up, probably only the carpenter with a plane to cut a few floors! The maintenance of the dining table simply keeps the Clean housewives mad.

Protect the dining table, housewives out of the trick!

Where there is oppression, where there is resistance! Clever housewives come up with an excellent way to cope with oil pollution and protect the dining table. That is to add a tablecloth on the dining table, to dine with, to use the meal to withdraw. No longer worry about annoying stains damage the face of the table! However, housewives found that the tablecloth also had many shortcomings. such as cloth, there will be leakage, the tablecloth itself is difficult to wash, wash the sun one years down the workload is also expensive, not to mention the tablecloth are so large a pieces, cleaning is not easy; plastic tablecloth itself stained with greasy washing, not durable, easy to break. Not high temperature, the hot tableware will be hot. Material is unhealthy and can produce substances harmful to the body. Needless to say plastic materials are not environmentally friendly. What to do? Do housewives have to be helpless?

Hard housewives, do not despair, silicone mat, the use of food-grade silicone material, health and safety. Direct contact with food, tableware, bread and other food directly on the cleaning pad also no problem. The key is silicone mat oil, water, insulation, perfect protection of the desktop, and silicone pad adhesive grease, very easy to clean. Drop a little wash clean in the water can be cleaned, oil less, only flush with water to flush. Silicone meal pad size can be customized according to demand, after meals can be packed with tableware, a cleaning. The home has dishwasher, can also be put in the dishwasher washing machine. Easy to dry, easy to receive, drying can be folded or reel into the kitchen cabinet storage. Silicone mat durability, and not breeding bacteria, when used as long as avoid cutting edge with a sharp knife, a pad for a decade of eight years is also totally possible.