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Silicone Pad Thickness Problem Production Need To Be Noticed?

Apr 20, 2017

We all know that silicone pad has excellent insulation and anti-skid, good insulation performance! Good quality silicone Pad service life is longer,
Easy to use affordable, we choose to buy pads, presumably we will choose a thicker silicone pad, so in the production of silicone pad when the thickness of the need to pay attention to what?

First of all, we have a look at the basic properties of silicone pad, silica gel is a high adsorption material, insoluble in water and other solvents,
Its chemical formula is mSiO2 and nH2O! The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine many special parts of the silicone and the common silica gel.
If some silicone adsorption is much higher than ordinary silicone! Silicone pad In normal conditions can be in-40 ℃-230 ℃ between use! Widely should
For furniture, electronics, industry and other industries! Silicone pad has its own characteristics, product application and can be divided into: silicone gasket,
Silicone pad and thermal insulation silicone pad three categories! Silicone gasket mainly used in industrial machinery and equipment more, thermal conductivity silicone pad and heat insulation
Silicone pad for electronic products industry and household items more!

There are many kinds of silicone pads, but most of the silicone pad is used in molding process production, molded production does have many advantages, but also
Not to say no disadvantages, according to customer requirements to produce thinner silicone pad, some manufacturers do not put it down! Typically, by mode
With the industry standards, the thickness of the 1.0mm under the silicone products are not very smooth production. Because the edge of the mould has been removed from the stitches
After reaching 1.0mm, if the intermediate glue bit is thinner than the glue bits on the edge, it is not technically achievable. But there is no rule out
Silicone products manufacturers do have their own unique production process, there can be 0.5mm thickness, some can even achieve 0.3mm
Thickness, this sounds a little weird!