Universal Silicone Phone Case For Apple

Universal Silicone Phone Case For Apple
Product Details


The silicone mobile phone case belongs to the category of silicone gifts in silicone products. It is a colorless and odorless mobile phone case made by vulcanization molding of silica gel material. It has soft hand feeling and is close to human skin. It is made of 100% silicone, so it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is easy to carry and is very suitable for travel. We offer customized, personalized services designed to be modern and stylish.


Universal Silicone Phone Case For Apple feels comfortable. This is why most people like silicone phone cases.

It is highly protective. The silicone has good elasticity and has a good buffering effect for shock and drop, which can protect the mobile phone very well.

Its use period is long. It is resistant to ultraviolet light, high temperature, and is not easily deformed and can be used for a long time.

Surface treatment process

The most surface treatment is spray hand oil, which makes the phone cover feel good. The silicone product easily absorbs dust in the air under normal conditions and has a certain viscosity. A thin layer of hand-feeling oil is applied to the surface of the silicone sleeve to prevent dust and ensure hand feeling.

Spraying oil and laser engraving process, after the silicone sleeve is finished, spray a layer of colored ink on the surface of the silicone sleeve and then laser out the pattern, then spray a layer of feel oil on the surface. This process is more popular.

In the epoxy dispensing process, a colored liquid glue is applied to the silicone sleeve that has been trimmed to form a pattern.

The color printing process prints any color pattern on the silicone sleeve that has been repaired. This process can be a silicone sleeve that is not only beautiful but also has a strong three-dimensional effect. Feel good.